I'm Sierra Nicole

Travel + Transform Coach and CEO of The Sienic Journey, LLC. I believe everyone deserves an opportunity- An opportunity to change their life. An opportunity to get the help they need. An opportunity to invest in their personal development. 

The one thing we all have that can bring us these opportunities...is our MIND.

Mindset is the foundation of everything we do. When you can get your mind right, you can make everything else in your life right. 

I'm here to virtually guide you through mastering your mindset with the online courses I have created. Whether you're looking to make some money, find self-love, or flip off your fears...you're in the right place. 

Let's get to work on the one thing you have control over- your mind!

Don't know which course to choose?

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Elizabeth Lee

"The Money Mindset Course gave me a lot of insight into being more open minded about money! It was really fun and motivating because of the energy Sierra brings. I gained a new outlook from it."

Brittany Rocheleau

"The Fuck Your Fears Course forces you to breakthrough limitations you didn't even know existed. By overcoming my own fears with the FYF course, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and create my own online coaching business."

Gabby Rubio

"I learned new & better ways to talk about money, think about it, and start removing the stigma around money in my life. The Money Mindset Course has been very healing and helped remove stress from my mind."

Lauren Marks

"Sierra has really helped me recognize my habits, thoughts and actions that weren't aligning with the life I wanted to live. After working through those in the Self-Love Course, I am in a much better place mentally and physically. I have more appreciation for my body, the work I do for others, and myself. I also appreciate those around me and realize we are all going through our own journey!"

Jill Gray

"The Fuck Your Fears Course was my first coaching course, and it touched on more aspects of my life than I could have imagined. It gave me tangible lessons to implement in real time. Sister, do yourself a favor and DO THE DAMN THING!"

Jennifer Fowler

"If you do anything in life, take this Self-Love Course. So often, people put themselves (needs, desires, ideas) on the back burner of the metaphorical stove top called life. Having found this opportunity has been literally life changing. No, I'm not being dramatic, I'm being honest. I feel like I have taken leaps forward, instead of steps, on the pathway to self acceptance, and love."